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We develop systematic training and client survey tools for small businesses.

Employee Training and Development

Today’s business environment is highly competitive. Each employee is key to business success. Developmental training is essential for every employee.

We provide our clients with custom assessments of business needs and training plans to enable them to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses. This may include an employee appraisal system that may be reused indefinitely.

New Manager Development

Businesses typically lack in-house training for newly-promoted managers. We provide a “Management 101” course to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Customer Opinion Survey Development

Business performance depends on a solid client base. Effective client survey tools are key to repeat business and new referrals. We develop custom in-person, mail-in, and telephone surveys that measure critical areas of business performance and encourage improvements in customer relations techniques.

Customer Opinion Survey Analysis

We also provide expert analysis of survey data to enable businesses to make appropriate changes based on actual customer perceptions.

How to Improve Customer Service

Business performance is improved when both management and employees assess business needs along with customer needs. Owners and employees are frequently focused on current issues and tend to overlook their customers’ perspectives.

Satisfied customers are the heart of business success. We provide a seven-module unit designed to ensure that employees are trained to respond to customers in positive and meaningful ways.

Excellence in Customer Service

Training Program Overview

What is excellence in customer service for your business? Is your definition the same as it is in the mind of your employees? How about in the mind of your customers? What do you do when your employees have a different perspective of customer service that you do? Do your employees know how to handle the difficult customer? Do your employees know how to help prevent customer issues? You may feel your level of service is quite good now, but could it be better? There are many questions that a business owner must think about when attracting and retaining more customers. Let us help you through this important area by answering the questions above.

Training Objectives
  1. Review the cost of ineffective Customer Service,
  2. Develop Appropriate Customer Expectations,
  3. List the positive aspects of excellent Customer Service in your business,
  4. Develop superior listening skills that lead to outstanding customer service,
  5. What to do when the Angry Customer arrives,
  6. Learn excellent service techniques for your Internal Customers,
  7. Learn how to use the telephone and email to reduce or eliminate poor customer service.

Let us help you navigate through this very important area. The customer is your best friend and will bring you many more customers over time, so let’s be sure we provide outstanding service. If desired, we can also develop a specialized training program to better match your employee needs.

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Employee Training
Employee Training
Confident New Managers
Confident New Managers
Customer Service Tools
Customer Service Tools
Happy Customers!
Happy Customers!

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